A long prophetic journey

Prayer Mountain Journey – Part 1

We left the cabin at 6:30 am on Sunday morning to experience yet another glorious sunrise on Prayer Mountain. Yesterday I had hiked it solo but today, new found friend in tow, decided to journey together in search of what God had in store for both of us.

The later start allowed us to take a car up instead of hiking.  I had noticed the day before  several signs posted by private home owners stating that they didn't care for the random public invading the sanctuary of their space in the middle of the night. While totally understandable we were most likely pushing the very definition of dawn till dusk.

As we drove along the winding hills into the twilight of the new day, fog shrouded the mountain tops so that all that was discernible was the very tips of mountain tops jutting out of the ethereal calm.


Road to Prayer Mountain


Upon arrival, Tom and I decided to go our separate ways and meet up in an hour or so to discuss what we experienced.

Being more of a wanderer that tends to have a tough time encountering God standing still or sitting, I started hiking around the vicinity of the mountain top praying quietly.  The expectation inside me was almost palpable based on what I had seen and heard over the course of the last two days. My spirit yearned for the voice of the Lord to break the silence and begin a new conversation.

Since Tom had decided to take the main trail back along the mountain's ridge line I decided to walk a short distance back down the road leading to the mountain top.  I noticed a small trail head running off the main road that was hidden by an embankment.  I hopped over onto the trail and started walking when I felt the presence of the Lord.  I found a fallen tree across the trail and sat down. The following is a series of visions that materialized when I came to rest.

Angels of Fire

The first was that of two angels standing on either side of the trail about ten feet apart. They were holding what looked like fire hoses in their hands and were crouched in a bracing position that seemed to anticipate the pressure change that would take place upon opening the nozzles.

As I continued to watch, the angels pulled the nozzles of the hoses and fire shot out in arcs across the trail and onto the mountain top itself.

I asked the Lord the meaning of this and He explained that the fire was representative of His Spirit which is being poured out and directed towards the flesh of men. That the Spirit is going to purify the hearts of man by burning away the chaff of the flesh.

Hammer and the Nails

As the first vision faded the second was a picture of a hammer and a series of nails in a board. Some of the nails were straight and others along the board were crooked and bent. The hammer began to swiftly sink the straight nails into the board. However when the hammer came to a nail that was bent or crooked the nail was carefully pulled out, placed on a hard surface and straightened with use of the hammer.

I asked the Lord the meaning of this and He said that the nails were representative of His people. That he is building and strengthening the church using the nails.
I asked about the bent and crooked nails and He indicated that those were of lives that were broken and hurting in the body.  He indicated that He would not throw them away due to their disfigurement but was diligently straightening them out and using them anyway. He indicated that the nails that had been bent and crooked would sink deeper and hold tighter to the wood because of their prior state.

How true I thought, how true.  Knowing that I was one of those bent nails and how much I treasure the heart of God because he uses me in spite of my own weakness and brokenness.

Tom and I met back up with excitement to learn what each other had seen and experienced.  The peace and contentment across his face told me he too had encountered the very presence of the Lord on that mountain as well.  We discussed this as we drove back to the cabin to get ready for breakfast and worship afterwards.

Little did I know that God would continue to expand on the vision that he shared with me for the next several hours in a very unexpected way.

2 Responses to “Prayer Mountain Journey – Part 1”

  1. Tom Ravasio says:

    I will read and re-read this again and again. It is deeply impacting and meaningful. I pray God continues to pour forth His Glorious Light into your spirit.
    Love you bro,

  2. Bernadette Stager says:

    Sure wish I could have been there with you two to experience the presence of the Lord as well as the angelic visitation. I am so hungry for the presence of the Lord. Hopefully next time I will be there.

    Bernadette Stager

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