A long prophetic journey

Prayer Mountain Journey – Part 2

We arrived back at the cabin with just enough time to catch a shower and head down to breakfast.  The brisk walk down to the main lodge was much easier going down than back up.  Everyone chatted and caught up with stories around the tables of how God had shown himself to them over the last couple of days.

As we were preparing to get into a line to get our food the still small voice of God beckoned me back outside.  I felt like He wanted to continue explaining everything that had gone on earlier so I started walking back up to the main lodge.  Just as I arrived the Lord said to go to the corner of the parking area that He had more to show me.  As I approached the edge of the lot I noticed a small trail leading into the woods.  I followed the trail down to a tree house with several levels.  There was a ladder on the main floor that led up into the second deck.  I climbed up the ladder and sat down to pray.


Tree house on trail

As I sat on the top the Lord told me to turn around.  Not exactly sure what I was in for I turned around and noticed the hammer that I had seen in the earlier vision lying on the board beside me.


He said to keep looking around that there was more.  Somewhat shocked since I don’t normally get physical representations of visions I stood up and carefully made my way further towards the back of the tree house.  I noticed that on one of the trees that the tree house was built on contained three nails that mirrored the nails in the vision.  The Lord said to hang the hammer on the nails.


I snapped a quick picture of the hammer and nail and headed back down to breakfast since I figured that the line was probably already done.  There was a satisfaction in seeing in the physical what the Lord had showed me not an hour ago on Prayer Mountain.

As I arrived back at the breakfast table, plate in hand, I started to eat.  The Lord said he wasn’t done yet and he had more to show me.  I was torn between missing the end of my meal and possibly the first part of worship and the desire to see more.  I headed back up to the tree house.

When I arrived the Lord told me to look at the ground.  Underneath the frame of the tree house lay several sets of party beads that were partially buried in the ground.  I picked them up and cleaned them off.  There was a green strand, a pearl strand, a silver strand, and a gold strand.  The Lord said to hang the beads around the hammer and nail and He would then explain the significance.



As I began to walk back down the hill the Lord explained that the bead strands represented His glory.  The state that I found them in, lying in the dirt indicated that His glory had been trampled and largely removed from facets of the churches in this nation.  He said that He is going to take His glory and pour it out onto the earth.  He indicated that he is going to use His church for this purpose.  That His glory is going to become visible and pronounced in the body of Christ and because of this many heart will be dealt with.  The Church will hold answers that the government has in vain tried to solve.  A new focus will be placed on the body of Christ because of His Glory!!!

I hope that I was able to convey a bit of what the Lord shared with me this last weekend.  I am so blessed as to have had this experience and pray that I have done it a tiny justice.




3 Responses to “Prayer Mountain Journey – Part 2”

  1. Richard Reed says:

    Well written. It is your heart and that of the FATHER’s that you endeavor to convey and you’ve done it admirably. To define the eternal abstract is a HOLY SPIRIT process and it takes a sensitive, hungry heart to do so.
    These are exciting days, and although the unknown, out of the box GOD is clearly in charge, it can be a bit unsettling if we try to figure out what HIS next move might be.
    Thank you for your submitted, obedient heart.
    We will talk

  2. Joe Crissman says:

    Hey Wes!
    Thank you for sharing what Our Heavenly Father has shown you as His loving disciple. It is exciting to be reminded that He won’t give up on us even though “His glory has been trampled” and He will use us, the Church, to recover His glory and make it visible and pronounced.

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