A long prophetic journey

Don’t Just Feed Me!!! Make Me Hungry!!!

As I was praying this morning the Lord led me into what I feel is His heartbeat towards his bride, and that always comes back to relationship.

Relationship both with her and within her.

Inspire me to dig deeper…

In the American church we tend to lay unfair expectations on pastors and teachers. The expectation is for them to dig the milk, the meat, and the marrow out of the Word and deliver it to us in a neat, tidy bundle. They have exactly 43 1/2 minutes in which to do it. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this as the body desperately needs gifted pastors and teachers to explain and challenge us to seek after God’s heart. The problem comes when a reliance is created either by our own unwillingness or by the pastors themselves. The issue either assumed or implied is that the two or three hours out of our week given to God is enough. That this should tide us over until the next weeks feeding, right? I mean any more than that would make it too difficult to beat the Sunday lunch crowd.

It is no wonder that our bellies are round while our emaciated spirits are dying within us.

By the way, I’m preaching to myself here as much as anything… Who’s going to read my thoughts and rants anyway, huh?

The vast difference between empowering and enabling…

Enabling someone gives them the right and the privilege to continue headlong into what they are already doing. (Expecting someone to put in time and effort to bring me revelation that I am not willing to get myself.) (Ouch)

Empowering someone under-girds and strengthens them to reach for more that they could otherwise attain for themselves. (To inspire the more mature Christians to action while feeding those that don’t yet know how.)

Religion cries out for control and predictability. Relationship cries out for love and freedom. Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly a place for, in fact a necessity, for the administration, instruction, and correction that a leadership carries.

My cry is not to remove the structure of the church but for the leadership in churches to empower the hearts of God’s children to hunger and thirst after relationship with their Creator, not their religion.

Challenge me to exercise my faith…!!!

Show me what it is to walk out Godly character. Teach me to prepare my heart as a resting place for the Holy Spirit to dwell. Inspire me to seek a God who can be found but hides himself from the casual seeker.
Challenge me to take bold risks in my faith. Hold me accountable to exercise and grow in sharing Christ’s love with the world around me!

Teach me to share my testimony…

What is God doing in your life, what is He showing you for both your edification and the edification of those around you?
One of the most powerful weapons that we possess is the word of our testimony. (Rev 12:11)

Consider the hard places you have walked through, the scars you possess because of those hard times. Consider the additional trust and faith that has been produced inside you because of God’s faithfulness in carrying you through the storms. For never leaving or forsaking you in those places. (Deut 31:6)

Wielding our Testimony…
Consider the empathy that you have for others that are walking through that same places or circumstance which God has delivered you. You know exactly how to pray for them. You understand the pain and the hopelessness they are feeling and you can speak into the darkness of that season. You know that few even have or know the words to say or how to respond.

As you share those experiences you empower those around you to rise up and cling to the hope that God is no respecter of persons (Act 10:34). That if He can carry you through He can carry them through. Even a glimmer of hope in some of those places can keep another from giving up or giving into the desire to simply quit.

Dangerous waters…

What happens when you set people free to explore the heart of God??? What happens when reliance is taken off of leadership and placed on and in the Father? What happens when the Holy Spirit isn’t done when the dinner bell rings? What happens when you are no longer in control because you asked God to come out of the box?

I know the first time that happened for me, I threw a fit… I was angry, hurt, and crying out to God as to why everything had gone so sideways in my life… It felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me and I couldn’t see a reason. AKA (I was not in control…)

After whining before God for several days, His answer was simply this:
You’ve cried out to me for years to come out of the box, and here I am… But all you want to do is put me back in…

That was pretty much the end of the conversation as I relented in allowing God to have His way in me…

We have no idea the consequence of letting God have his way, but in my experience, the sacrifice of finding out is so worth the cost.

Final Thoughts

I get it, as an American, when I want something, I want it now. I am willing to sacrifice the best for the quickest, easiest, and most convenient way possible. Why spend hours preparing a meal when I can run to McDonald’s and pick up a drive through meal in 5 minutes. I can even throw away the wrappers and not have to wash dishes at all.

We have microwave ovens, we have modern conveniences so that we don’t have to put in the work. We don’t have to suffer in order to have it all. We can just borrow more, spend more, “live” more, and at some point down the road when our situations are better we will pay all that debt off in one fail swoop… MAYBE?!?

Problem is, I don’t serve a microwave God.
He savors the time that it takes to kneed the dough. He loves the aroma of the fresh bread rising in the oven. He longs with the anticipation of sitting down together, the excitement of fellowship.  The very experience of doing a meal together. It’s called doing life together.

He likes to pay it off as He goes. The satisfaction of the sacrifice required to walk out self denial while not being left in bondage to another.
He takes His time forming and shaping us into who He wants us to be. He releases us into our destiny’s and our calling’s in His timing. He knows our hearts ever more fully than we know our own. He will not release us, based on our own desire to walk in comfort and contentment now, while sacrificing the absolute perfection of His will later.

God views us with eyes set on eternity, far outside of the finite time and space in which we exist.

My Prayer:

God, make me ever hungrier for your presence!!!  Make me hunger and thirst for your righteousness!  Produce a hunger in my heart for more of your Word!!!  Pour my life out into this hurt and dying world in any way you see fit.  And most of all, let me never assume that the price you paid for me by laying down your life will not someday cost me my own!

Challenge to pastors and teachers:
Inspire us to seek today…
Empower us to dig deeper today…
Correct us when we have fallen
Edify us to see ourselves the way He does.
Encourage us to share what we have found with others!

Challenge to the body:
Weigh the costs of following after God:
{The costliest free gift that I ever received was that of my salvation.
Though it costs me everything, it is truly priceless, and is never for sale!!!…}
(We have been given but one day in which to live out our lives… Today… What are you going to do with it???)
Seek the face of God today…
Seek the heart of God today…
Encourage those around you, they need you! (We need each other!)
Put your hand to the plow and tend the garden in which God has planted you…


One Response to “Don’t Just Feed Me!!! Make Me Hungry!!!”

  1. tiffany says:

    Thanks for writint/testifying. This brought part of a song to mind: “Oh Daddy God, I love Your Arms, the way they carry me securely and tenderly. Oh Daddy God, I love you so, always holding me closely, forgiving me. I know I’ll always be safe in Your Arms.”
    I was reminded to be thankful for some of the most difficult times of lie that shaped who I am now.
    Thank you, especially, for the challenges to us, the body.

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