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Stones of Remembrance

It’s September 11th today and I was thinking about how many millions of dollars have been spent in the memorializing the events that happened 14 years ago.  The vast importance of never forgetting where we’ve been and what we have experienced as a nation together.  The loss of life and bravery shown by those willing to sacrifice themselves for their fellow man.  The consequences of the devastation that occurred...

Don’t Just Feed Me!!! Make Me Hungry!!!

As I was praying this morning the Lord led me into what I feel is His heartbeat towards his bride, and that always comes back to relationship. Relationship both with her and within her. Inspire me to dig deeper… In the American church we tend to lay unfair expectations on pastors and teachers. The expectation is for them to dig the milk, the meat, and the marrow out of the Word and deliver it to us in a neat,...

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